Most recent estimates suggest that 700,000 people are homeless on any given night and up to 2 million will be homeless at some point during a year. A 1994 White House study found that 12 million U.S. adult residents have been homeless at some point in their lives. These people come from all socio-economic classes, all races and ethnic groups. Forty percent of homeless men are military veterans.
The hopeless, broken, and lost need the love and hope of Jesus in a real way. Hitting the Streets Ministry provides…Heart Service… not lip service and Tough Love… balanced with grace.


You will come to bless- but leave blessed. You will come thinking that life may be hard but we take so many things for granted. Thankfulness for the small things will become more at the forefront of your prayers and thoughts as you minister more and more on the streets to the people. When you go and you see Jesus in their eyes and they see Him in yours, we cannot tell you how beautiful it is. When this happens it is like seeing heaven come down to Earth.
Hitting the Streets Ministry is going where Jesus went and loving like He loved as we take Jesus’ Light into the darkness and show others they truly have worth in His Eyes.

To learn more or help with this ministry call the church office at 225-749-3756