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We have set up a new Online Directory and Directory App for i-Phone and Android.

How to Get Access to the NEW Online Directory
If you are already in the old directory you probably have an email address
in your profile. To access the new directory, you need a new username and
password. Click the New Directory Page link below.
Then click “Forgot Password”. Next, enter the email address that is already
associated with your profile and click “Send Password”.
The system will send you an email with your new username, password and login link.

New Online Directory link > > >

Staff, Directors, Group Leaders, Attendance Takers and Church Members
> > > How to Add the Directory App to your iPhone or Android < < <

    Read these instructions before trying to download and install the App.
1. If you haven’t already performed the above on getting your new username
and password do it now. You need these to activate the app. The three items
you need to activate the app are 1. Username   2. Password   3. The letters “caa” for domain.
2. On your phone go to the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android) and
Search for “church office online”. Orange square with white 3-D looking cubes.
3. Click “INSTALL” button
4. After it installs Click “OPEN”
5. Enter three items: Username, Password, and the letters “caa” for domain.
6. Click “Sign In”

You’re done. Congratulations! Note: You will not have to “login” each time
from your phone. When you open the app you will automatically be logged in.

How to Take Attendance for a Group

If you have “Attendance” activated for your profile you can use your phone
to take attendance for your group.
1. Click “Attendance” button.
2. Select Date if other than current day.
3. Click “Choose” for Group and scroll to your group.
4. Tap the names of each person present. If you tap the wrong one
tap them again to un-check them.
5. When done, on iPhone click “Save” in upper right corner and
on Android click  √ (check mark) in upper left corner to submit
the attendance count.

Note: If you need to add a someone to the group, on iPhone scroll
the bottom and click “Add a visitor”. Search and select them from
the directory. If they are not in the directory, click the + (plus sign)
at the top right and enter their name and click “Save”
On an Android, to add someone to a group click the round + button
at the bottom and search and select them from the directory. If they
are not in the directory, again click the round + button and enter
their name and save.

If you have questions or need help contact Stacey Morales: or Gary Smith: