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May 27, 2020

Wednesdays at Addis

If you are wanting to grow in your faith, Wednesday Night Discipleship study is where it happens! There are several options: An exegetical study of scripture chapter by chapter. Relevant topics addressing the needs of the family like marriage communication, managing your money biblically, how to discipline your children, how to manage the blended family, and much more. Students 7th through 12th grades have an in-depth Bible study with relevant topics to grow their faith, and prepare them to deal…
May 31, 2020

Sunday Worship Services

We believe that church should be an enjoyable and positive experience, so our worship services reflect that belief. It is our desire to provide both comfort in your connection to God, but to also challenge you in the areas where you could become more like Him. The atmosphere is so inviting and welcoming that most people feel comfortable from the moment they walk in. Since we believe that all people matter to God and to us, we will purposefully include…
May 31, 2020

Sunday Growth Groups

Spiritual growth flows out of two basic commitments:A commitment to God and the Bible.A commitment to significant Christian relationships. To grow in your understanding of God’s word and help develop these significant relationships, we have created “Growth Groups.” It is our goal to have every member of our church involved in a small group experience. While some groups are sermon-based, some use Bible study materials, and some are special interest groups focusing on topics such as discipleship, parenting, marriage, grief…